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rq_burbs's Journal

The RQ Suburbs
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Damn, another rq!?
Why has some loser gone and made yet another RQ? You are wrong; two losers have made another RQ. So why, why has it come to this, again?

First it was randomquestions and then rq_version2, both went down the tube why we don’t know, nor do we care. But here we are our own little corner of LiveJournal. Glad you are here, just don’t confuse us with thenewrq rq_version3 rq_version8 rq_version9 rqx rq_drama rq_fatties rq_nyc rq_over18 rq_spinoff rq_v_amphibian randyquestions. Those are also spinoffs, just like this community, but they also blow. No one updates, no one asks questions, they sit there and wait die like your grandmother in the nursing home.

And the point?
The entire point of this community is to post any random question and have people answer. The questions can be about anything on your mind or something you have always wondered about. We made this community because we wanted to be back out in the suburbs as far as the type of questions and how things were handled. So post away and spread the word.

Remember this…
[01] All posts must be in the form of a question
[02] There are moderators, but all in all, we really don’t care what you say or do
[03] There is no fee to join, no membership oath you have to take
[04] We want you to invite your friends
[05] If someone pisses you off, leave a comment about it with the link to the post in one of the mod’s journals, it had better be something really bad though
[06] Flaming? Please do, we want our members to be the talk of the town inrq_drama
[07] Banned? No, you can’t get banned, just beaten with our golf clubs

What is rq_burbs?
The most popular rq, rq_version3 describes themselves like this:
previous RQs are/were like a normal, middle class neighborhood - version 3 is like "the hood". Come on over, have a good time, but expect some shit while you're here and don't expect the cops to save your ass when you get yourself into trouble.

We want you to come back to the suburbs. rq_burbs is an average middle class neighborhood. There are nicely trimmed lawns, SUVs and minivans, friendly people, and rice crispy squares, oh and questions, random ones. We don’t live in a police state, but if you need something the mods are also here, so don’t worry.

One more thing…
[01] No anonymous posts, you live in the suburbs, be arrogant and take credit
[02] Don't double post, its annoying
[03] If you are not sure about something, or it is a large photo, put it behind a cut
[04] What happens in RQ stays in RQ. Got it? That means that any drama stemming from any RQ post/rivalry needs to stay in RQ. In short, going to someone's personal journal and starting shit will get you banned.

Your Mods
icanttype | Alex | Male | Oakland
rhythmandsmoke | Ryan | Male | Chicago