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Thu, Dec. 22nd, 2011, 02:28 pm
victor_szasz: Asking for a friend

Similar to the 'Kiss the Bride' tradition, is not the kissing under the mistletoe XMAS tradition appropriate as it only happens that one time, in this case once a year, despite any given relationship status?

Mon, Aug. 8th, 2011, 07:53 pm
victor_szasz: ironically 52, and yes

How many communities are you a member of and do you actually pay attention to them all?

Mon, Aug. 8th, 2011, 02:06 pm
victor_szasz: I ain't afraid of no ghost

Every so often, when not even touching the mouse, I notice the cursor/pointer slowly sliding either across the screen or up or down.

What's causing this?

Sun, Aug. 7th, 2011, 02:26 am
victor_szasz: Styrofoam

Supposedly tofu comes from beans but that's just what THEY want you to think.

Where do you think tofu actually comes from?

Sat, Aug. 6th, 2011, 02:38 am
victor_szasz: it's 2:35am here and I have insomnia

Where were you at 2:35am Saturday morning and what were you doing?

Thu, Aug. 4th, 2011, 12:51 pm
victor_szasz: heh heh heh

Everybody has that one question. Something they always hoped someone would ask them because they have the perfect answer prepared for it.

What's the question you always wanted somebody to ask you?

Wed, Aug. 3rd, 2011, 04:46 pm
victor_szasz: Toasty

What've you been doing to beat the heat this Spring/Summer?

Mon, Nov. 14th, 2005, 03:25 pm
rudezombie: (no subject)


Mon, Oct. 25th, 2004, 11:13 pm
rhythmandsmoke: (no subject)

Do you think this community will work?